Set up the game as normal for a 2-player game, with these changes:

Randomly select a Helm Mat and Legend Mat and flip them over to the Solo sides. Place them next to each other to form a combo of captain and personality.

Select a player color for the Solo Pirate:

• Randomly place the 5 Order Tokens of that color on the Helm Mat's wheel.

• Place the Captain onto the Hide Out space at the top of the wheel.

• Place 3 Deckhands, one on each of the 3 Deckhand Assignment spaces at the bottom of the Helm Mat. Discard the fourth Deckhand back to the box.

• Place the 3 Treasures onto their spots at the bottom of the Legend Mat.

• Place the Legend Token on the marked top-left space on the Legend Mat.

• Place a Gold Doubloon next to the Gold Track, representing “zero.”

Do not give the Solo Pirate a Captain Card (the Solo Helm Mat is the Captain).

First, place your Pirate Ship into a Cove, and then place the Navy Ship in a corner Card that does not contain a Merchant Ship. Then, place the Solo Pirate’s Ship into an unoccupied Cove that is the furthest away orthogonally from the Navy Ship.

You and the Solo Pirate both gain a starting Booty according to normal setup rules, you acting as first player.