While on a Map Card that has a face-down Search Token, you may flip and reveal the token and gain its benefit:

Tokens labeled with a ! are resolved and discarded immediately:

• Gain 2 or 3 Gold

• Gain 1 Sure-fire Token

• Draw 1 random Booty Crate from the bag (you may replace one of the cubes in your ship if it’s full)

If you are already at max Gold (13) or Sure-fire Tokens (3), you cannot gain more.

Tokens labeled with a are added to your play area and may be used later this turn or on a future turn. They are usable one time and then discarded:

• Gain 2 additional when sailing

• Move onto 1 Map Card with a Storm while sailing without getting Jostled.

You may use multiple tokens in a single turn.

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