Add to your Crew by taking 1 of the face-up Crew Cards from the row, placing it to the right of your Captain Card. You can have at most 4 Crew Cards (your Captain not being considered “Crew”). Immediately refill the row of cards with a new face-up one from the deck.

If you wish, before choosing a card you may spend 1 Gold to discard all 3 face-up Crew Cards to the bottom of the deck and draw 3 new Crew Cards, forming a new row. You may do this only once per turn. Note: you are never required to take a Crew Card, even if you’ve paid to create a new row.

If you already have a full Crew of 4 cards, you may discard one of your Crew and replace it with a new Crew Card. Place the discarded card at the bottom of the Crew Deck. You may never discard your Captain.

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