In this game, there are two types of resources that players will manage.

1. Gold is tracked with the numbers on the left side of your Legend Mat. Slide your Doubloon up or down as you gain or lose Gold. You may never have more than 13 Gold, and any gain in excess of that is considered lost. Likewise, your Gold cannot go below zero, nor can you spend Gold you don’t have. Gold can be gained by sinking Merchants, trading Booty at Markets, searching for it at sea, and from your Legend Track. Gold is spent by burying treasure.

2. Booty is managed by using the wooden Booty Crates(cubes). Each cube is one of four types of Booty. These areplaced into Pirate Ships as they are plundered, stolen fromsinking ships, or found on the open sea. Each Pirate Shipcan hold up to 3 cubes and Merchant Ships can hold 1.