Hide Out is a special Captain’s Order on your Wheel (at space “0”), just past the Ship Line. It is the only space that can be voluntarily skipped without using a Deckhand. To Hide Out, your ship must be on a Map Card with a Cove () that is not already occupied by another Pirate Ship. Place your ship over the Cove location on the Map Card. A Cove may only hide one Pirate Ship at a time.

Then, you may take any number of your Deckhands from ANYWHERE (including Repair) on your Helm Mat and move them into any Deck Assignment (Rigging, Cannons, or Extort). Note that every Deckhand placed onto Extort gains 1 Gold immediately (since you just crossed the Ship Line).

Hiding Out will trigger the Navy and Merchant Ships to sail at the end of your turn, since you crossed the Ship Line. However while hiding out in a Cove, neither the Navy nor other players may attack your ship. The Navy Ship still sails toward you.