Tiny Epic Pirates

Trigger Bonus Actions


Bonus Actions on your Captain and Crew Cards are triggered when certain Captain’s Orders are executed. If the leftmost icon on any card matches the current Captain’s Order, then each icon it points to on the bottom-right is a Bonus Action you may take this turn (assuming you meet each action’s conditions). You may trigger Bonus Actions even if you did not execute the Captain’s Order, as long as your Captain is on the Order. For example, a Plunder Order where you did not actually Plunder.

• Bonus Actions, like Captain’s Orders, are optional and do not have to be performed.

• Most Bonus Actions are performed after the original Order is completely resolved. The exception is “Reroll,” which occurs during an Attack Order.

• Bonus Actions are free; there are no extra costs.

Some Bonus Actions duplicate the Captain’s Orders with the same names: Plunder, Trade, Crew Up, Search, and Attack. These are treated like regular Captain’s Orders, but DO NOT trigger additional Bonus Actions afterward.

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