Tiny Epic Pirates

The Solo Wheel


The Solo Pirate advances its Captain clockwise around the Wheel (using Deckhands if necessary, to skip spaces) to reach the Order marked by the die’s number. When it is required to skip a space, it takes the rightmost Deckhand from the bottom of the mat (including from Repair) and places it on the skipped space.

If the Captain skips over or lands on a Deckhand that is already on the wheel, that Deckhand is added back to the leftmost unoccupied Deck Assignment. Only 1 Deckhand may be placed on each Assignment, except for Repair which can hold multiple Deckhands.

If the Solo Pirate cannot reach the Order space based on its rolled number because it lacks the available Deckhands, it moves as far as possible around the wheel before stopping its Captain on an Order Token.