Trade Booty from your Pirate Ship at a Market for Gold. While on a Map Card with a Market (), note the icon listed next to it. Each Market only trades one type of Booty:

Tan is Sugarcane

Purple is Rum

Brown is Coffee

Gray is Gunpowder

You may trade up to 3 of the same Booty in a single trade.

Each type of Booty has a Gold value determined by its

cube’s position in the Market. Multiply the number of cubes

sold by its current value on the chart and gain that much

Gold. For example, trading 3 Sugarcane with a value of “4”

gains 12 Gold.

After you trade:

• Place the traded cubes back into the Booty Bag.

• On the chart, move the type of Booty you sold to the lowest value spot (2 Gold).

Move all other cubes up in value until the gap is filled. No Booty will sell for less than 2 Gold or more than 5 Gold. If the Booty sold is already at the lowest value, it simply stays there and nothing moves.