Tiny Epic Pirates

Assign Deckhands


In future turns, spaces that already have a Deckhand from a previous turn may be skipped again. When skipping or moving onto spaces with Deckhands from previous rounds, immediately move the Deckhands skipped or landed on to any Deck Assignment. You may skip multiple adjacent spaces this way, moving each Deckhand to an Assignment afterward. Deckhands removed from the Wheel and moved to Assignments this way CANNOT be used to skip more spaces in the same turn.

Any number of Deckhands may be placed into each Assignment, and for each Deckhand there:

• Rigging gives you 1 additional (movement) when sailing your Pirate Ship.

• Cannons gives you 1 additional (damage) when battling.

• Extort gives you 1 Gold if the Captain crosses the Ship Line ().

• Repair is where Deckhands from the first 3 Assignments are placed when Jostled. While in Repair, they cannot be assigned into the other Assignments unless you use a Reassign Bonus Action or a Hide Out Order while at a Cove. However, Deckhands in Repair CAN be used to skip spaces on the Wheel when choosing a Captain’s Order.