Tiny Epic Pirates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to do the same Captain's Order on two turns in a row?
When choosing an action, the Captain needs to advance at least one space on the Wheel. Also it cannot go full circle and land on the same Order it started from, even if there would be enough Deckhands to skip the amount of spaces.
How to Bury a Treasure?
Bonus Action
Bury Treasure is a Bonus Action listed in every Captain Card. To Bury a Treasure the Pirate Ship must be on an empty Bury Site, the Player must have the listed amount of Gold and the Navy Ship cannot be on the same Map Card.
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What type of Booty should I start with?
See Market Mat
The type of starting Booty is based on the value of the Booty on the Market and the turn order.
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What's an occupied Cove?
Cove with a ship
Cove is occupied when a Pirate Ship is placed on the Cove. Pirate Ships are placed on Cove Locations at the start of the game, when executing the Hide Out Captain's Order or when the Solo Pirate is defeated in a battle.
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What is a Cove?
See icon
Cove Locations on the Map Cards are marked with an anchor icon.
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Where is the Navy Ship placed in the beginning of the game?
The Navy Ship is placed to a corner Map Tile with no Merchant Ship in it.
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Who goes first?
Youngest or choose
Choose a first player (the youngest, or select using a method of your choice).
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Why are there two slots at the bottom of the Market Mat?
Merchant Ships
Each Merchant Card placed in the slots at the Bottom of the Market Mat represent a Merchant Ship of the same color.
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Do Merchant Ship's color matter in the setup?
It doesn't matter which colored Merchant is placed to which Map Tile with a Port at the beginning.
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How to arrange Order Token on the Wheel?
Shuffle your 5 Order Tokens face-down, and then one-by-one place each faceup onto the 5 open spaces (“1-5”) going clockwise around the Wheel (giving each player a random setup of Order Tokens on their Wheels).
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Why is there a Deckhand on my Legend Mat?
Legend Bonus
The Extra Deckhand becomes available for use when a certain Legend Level is reached.
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How do I get Gold?
Execute actions
Gold can be gained by sinking Merchants, trading Booty at Markets, searching for it at sea, and from your Legend Track.
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How do I choose a Captain Card?
Pick a random one
Captain Card is chosen randomly.
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What do I do with the unused Search Tokens in set up?
Return to game box
Return unused Search Tokens to game box without revealing.
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Where do I place the Gold Doubloon if I the amount of Gold is zero?
Next to the track
If the amount of Gold is zero the Gold Doubloon is placed next to the Gold track.
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Does the Solo Pirate get Jostled by Storms?
The Solo Pirate does not get Jostled by Storms.
Does Plunder trigger Bonus Actions if I can not actually Plunder on the Tile I'm on?
You may trigger Bonus Actions even if you did not execute the Captain’s Order, as long as your Captain is on the Order.
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Can I Search on a Tile with no Search Token on it?
Search can be Executed on a Tile with no Search Token to Trigger Bonus Actions.
Do I Sail and complete Actions or move the Merchant and Navy Ships first when Crossing the Ship Line?
Pirate first
The Merchant and Navy Ships move at the end of the players turn.
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Do Bonus Actions chain?
Some Bonus Actions duplicate the Captain’s Orders with the same names: Plunder, Trade, Crew Up, Search, and Attack. These are treated like regular Captain’s Orders, but DO NOT trigger additional Bonus Actions afterward.
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Does the Navy Ship prevent Attacking a Merchant Ship?
A Merchant Ship can be Attacked even if the Navy Ship is on the same Tile.
Does the "ignore storm" Search Token also give you a free space of movement?
Said Search Token let's the player move onto 1 Map Card with a Storm while sailing without getting Jostled. Player does not gain addition Movement.
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