Super Fantasy Brawl

Declaring Targets


Check the range and targeting icons to determine which targeting rules apply for the attack. Some attacks have a minimum range, and any Enemy closer than that range is not an eligible target.

The dark grey hex in the targeting box marks the relative position of the attacking Champion to the targeted hex(es), marked on the card in yellow.

A melee attack targets a single adjacent Enemy.

An indirect shot targets a single Enemy. The targeting value shows the maximum range of the Action. When one figure is specified the targeting value shows the maximum range of the Action. When two figures are indicated, the first specifies the minimum and the second the maximum range of the Action. To define range, count the smallest possible number of hexes to the target, including the target’s hex but not the activating Champion’s hex. Indirect shots can target Champions through Statues and other Champions.

A direct shot works like an indirect shot with some extra restrictions. Direct shots may only target Enemies on hexes in the same row of hexes as the attacking Champion. Additionally, direct shots cannot target Champions if there are any Statues, or other Champions (Enemy or Ally) in that hex row between the activating Champion and target.

An Area of Effect (AoE) attack affects all Champions in the yellow marked hexes shown in the targeting icon of the Action card (including Allies). The player playing the Action chooses the exact orientation of the AoE.