Champions may move up to the number of hexes indicated by the value on the Action card. Note that they do not have to move the full distance, or indeed move at all. Hexes containing Statues or Enemies are blocked, and Champions cannot normally move through or end their movement in them. Champions may move through, but not end on, hexes containing Allies.

Champions can move into hexes containing trap tokens, but this will usually result in the trap being triggered and that Champion suffering the trap’s effects. If a Champion has a movement bonus, it is applied to each Action card and Standard Action used to activate them, but only if the Action card has a printed value. Since all cards get resolved from top to bottom, movement printed on a card happens first before all other effects.

When an effect requires a player to Place a Champion, it is removed from its current hex, and placed in the new location. This is not considered movement.

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