Super Fantasy Brawl

Out of Action


A Champion is taken out of action as soon as they suffer an amount of damage equal to or greater than their hitpoint value (as printed on their Champion card). If during their activation a Champion takes an Enemy out of action, the attacking Champion’s player gains 1 VP, and the attacking Champion Levels Up. The out of action Champion is teleported by the wizards out of harm’s way and is healed. All damage is removed from the Champion, and if they had Levelled Up, flip their Champion card back over to the basic side. The out of action Champion is then placed on their team’s Gate until they are activated again.

Whilst Champions are on the Gate, they cannot be affected by card effects, can never be targeted by Actions or attacks, and cannot target Champions on the hex grid.

To activate an out of action Champion, the player must use an Action with a move icon to move that Champion back into the arena. The first hex of movement must be spent moving the Champion onto one of their team’s deployment area hexes.

Out of action Champions may not be activated using Action cards without a move icon . Once in the arena, they may use any remaining movement to move further, and complete the Action.

If during their activation a Champion takes themselves or an Ally out of action, their opponent gains 1 VP.

If a card takes a Champion from each team out of action simultaneously, both players gain 1VP and Level Up the appropriate Champions. If this would end the game in a draw (due to both players now being tied with 5 or more VPs), the player who didn’t play the card wins.