Super Fantasy Brawl

Playing Reactions


During an opponent’s turn, players can react to their opponent’s attacks by playing Reaction cards. Reactions may only be played during the opponent’s turn and only when at least one of that player’s Champions is targeted by an opponent’s attack action.

A player cannot play more than one Reaction card per attack action, even if more than one Champion is targeted by the attack. When playing a Reaction during an AoE attack, a player must choose which of their Champions will be targeted by the Reaction. When Reaction cards cause effects like Push, Pull, or deal damage, the target of the Reaction card is the Champion causing that effect. The target of the effect itself is noted on the Reaction card. Some Reactions may cause an Enemy to be taken out of action. When this happens, the Champion on whom the reaction card was played on will Level Up if possible, and the player will gain 1 VP.