Until Daylight

Search Phase


To begin the search phase, start the round in the app (a little music tells you that the round has started) or turn the sandtimer.

The first character begins and may achieve one of the following actions:

• Draw a rubble card, say out loud what was found and put the card in his inventory. (Each player can keep up to 10 rubble cards (face up) next to his character).

• Build a trap or barricade (if the player has the necessary rubble cards for the craft).

• Give one of his rubble cards to another player.

• Take one of the rubble cards from another player, with his explicit agreement. (Exchanges between players are always from one person to another, so it is not possible to take a card from a player and give it to another with a single action.)

• Use a rubble card requiring an action, which triggers the effect of the card. (Example: consuming food)

• Do nothing.

Once his action is done, the active player says “Next” to the next player who can also perform an action (draw a card etc.). The next player does the same, and so on, until the application music emits a gong or the sandtimer is empty.

The last player who is caught playing while the search phase ends will receive the next horde wave.


A player who would have more rubble cards than the maximum authorized must immediately discard the extra cards and can’t do anything until this is done (he can’t say “Next” either).

Throwing away rubble cards does not count as an action.

The red rubble cards (or events) have to be played immediately and completed before being able to say “Next”.