Until Daylight

Experience points and group leader token


Until Daylight is a cooperative game. However, players may disagree on which strategy to adopt. In these circumstances, the group leader decides what action will be carried out for the party. The player with the most experience points is the group leader.

Identify the leader by giving him the leader token.

To become the group leader, it is necessary to have more experience points than the current group leader. An equal amount of experience points does not allow you to become the leader.

You must have at least one more experience point than the current leader to become the new leader.

A player can earn experience points by:

• Finding Symbol items in the rubble cards.

• Stealing some specific rubble cards from other players.

• Eliminating some enemies in combat.

• Saving a survivor

• Achieving the character’s objectives or secondary objective.

The scoring of experience points is done as soon as a player wins or loses an experience point and must be updated on the experience wheel of the character.

SYMBOL rubble cards give 1 experience point each. Although they increase the total of experience points while you have it, they each count as an inventory slot and can be exchanged, discarded or stolen (by pickpocket cards).

As the leader, a character’s advantage is doubled as long as he remains the leader.