Until Daylight

Combat Phase


The combat phase is divided into three successive parts:

1. The release of the hordes cards

2. The characters’ attack

3. The enemies’ attack

For example here: it is the 3rd round (+3), with 6 players (+6) and the Die of fate also add an extra enemy (+1)


The leader adds the number of players in the party to the current game round number. If there isn’t a leader yet, the first player who chose a character will temporarily assume the leader’s duty. Then, the active player (the one receiving the hordes cards) rolls the die of fate and adds the effect. (The die of fate can add or withdraw one infected, add or withdraw a rubble card and add or withdraw one health point to the active player.)


Starting with the first active player (whoever received the hordes wave) then clockwise, each player can perform one action:

• Attack enemies once with a melee or distance weapon.

A player can throw a maximum of 6 dice during an attack (depending on the weapon or the amount of ammunition used). It is not possible to attack with a melee weapon in another player’s area if your own area is occupied by 1 or more enemies.

• Build a trap or barricade (if the player has the necessary rubble cards for the craft).

• Give a rubble card to another player.

• Take another player’s rubble card with his explicit agreement. Exchanges between players are always from one person to another, so it is not possible to take a card from a player and give it to another one with only one action.

• Use a rubble card requiring an action, which triggers the effect of the card. (Example: consuming food). Use one or more rubble cards that do not require any action. You can use all energy shots, vitality!, focus and lucky cards that you have, but only during your turn.

• Do nothing.


Starting with the first active player (the one who received the hordes wave

and played the first attack), the enemies present on the table attack clockwise. Raiders attack first, infected second. The group leader rolls the combat dice for the enemies.