Until Daylight

Last Round & End of the game


In Until Daylight, the first 9 rounds are held in the order set out in these rules. However, the last round is different from the previous ones: it’s the end. The final fight.

In the 10th round, players start with their search phase and draw the hordes cards when the application music emits a gong (or the hourglass is empty).

Once the enemies are in place, the final fight begins. Players and enemies will launch their attacks until one of the two camps loses the fight.

During the final round:

• Complete one search phase.

• Draw the horde cards.
• Players attack enemies
• Enemies attack players

Both parties keep on fighting until the game ends. (No more search phases).

During the final battle, the players win if these 3 conditions are met:

• All Players are alive.
• The group saved at least one survivor.
• All the enemies revealed have been eliminated.