Until Daylight

The importance of distributing damages


When players roll the combat dice and distribute damage to the enemies, they should respect the infected order in the horde. The attacker must eliminate the first enemy with the combat dice before moving on to the next enemy. If the damage eliminates the first enemy, the attacker distributes the remaining damage to the next enemy, and so forth until there are no more dice or enemies available.

The attack stops when there is no more damage to spread on enemies.

Example of attack:

The attacking player has 10 enemies in his combat area:

1 Raider, 1 Brute, 2 Wanderers, 1 Monster, 2 Raiders, 1 Wanderer, 1 Monster and 1 Brute.

The character has a gun card and 5 GUN AMMO.

Deciding to play all the ammunition available, the player rolls 5 combat dice and gets 5 body shots.

The player distributes the damages, starting with the first enemy.


2 body shots go to the first enemy, the Raider, who is eliminated. The next enemy is a Brute but unfortunately, with the remaining damages, the player can only assign body shots not a single head shot to the Brute that is not eliminated.

The attack stops immediately.