Until Daylight

Billy's Tricks


Struggling and dying before round 10 ? Learn from Billy's experience.

"Here’s a little advice for beginners: avoid wasting three hours to draw and put your rubble card in your inventory. The other players are waiting after you in order to defend themselves against the infected.”

“They stink, they groan and have only one desire: to suck your marrow. The infected are dangerous because they are in great numbers. Some of them are tougher than others. With a Monster at the head of the horde wave, you might waste several turns trying to eliminate it. Take your time to organize your attacks and eliminate the most dangerous infected first.

Lost in the herd, you will find survivors. Do not hesitate to use or eliminate them, even if you have the impression to wipe out morality rules. After all, you are one of the strongest, right?”

"A good leader will guide the group's overall strategy and lead you to victory. The group leader cannot impose an action on a player solely for his benefit. The leader can't stop a player from doing an action. Players are free. If Gary decides to steal Thomas’ Sheriff's star to exceed the amount of experience points of the group leader, he won't be able to stop him.

The group leader must convince other players of the benefits of his decisions. In case of a dispute, he’s the one to look upon.

The group leader is not the one who eats first, he's the one who makes sure everyone has something to eat.”

“During the combat phase, you are not timed (by the application nor the hourglass). Do not hesitate to communicate with other players to organize your actions and the group's strategy. I advise you to evaluate the situation once you know how many enemies you will face.”

“Did you think you'd make a rampage with your gun and your full charger? Sorry. Whether you're shooting or you're trying to cut off the villains with a machete, you need to pay attention to the order in which your enemies are positioned. If the first enemy is a Monster and you miss your shot, you won't be able to attack the enemies who are behind it this turn. Before you start gun blazing, make sure you're fit for the job”.

"Do you think the enemies are after you? You're perfectly right. Their only goal is to annihilate you. Observe the disposition of your enemies when they come out of the horde, choose carefully who to eliminate first. The difference between a dead character and a living character lies in the ability to eliminate the most threatening enemies first. If you don't, you'll be on the menu tonight.”

“Attracting infected to a more powerful or better prepared character can save other players. Don't hesitate to make noise at the appropriate moments to separate the horde into small groups and thus reduce the threat that weighs on your fragile little lives.”

“BOOM! This sweet noise to your ears, that little smell of powder. You'll like these little traps that are going to be vital in situations where ammunition is missing. Watch out for the splatter!”

“Nothing like three nails and two boards to feel right at home. The barricades will be very useful. But be careful, don't fall asleep, barricades are fragile and ephemeral, just like your life.”

“Closing a round and being alive is a beautiful thing. But the night is not over friends and daylight is at the end of a long and miserable tunnel. Between two rounds, before restarting the timer, take the time to evaluate your situation, individual and collective. Prepare a plan, establish the priority(ies) and elaborate strategies, as marrow eaters will come back and be sure that they will be hungry!”

"If you’re still here reading this, it means that you survived the night, friends, congrats! Enjoy this beautiful day. Who would have thought that our enemies’ photosensitivity would become our best hope of survival and mercy?

On the other hand, if you didn’t make it, it may be that you’ve missed strength, courage, luck, or all three. It happens, don’t worry. Read my little tricks and come back to survive another night until daylight!”