Until Daylight

Resolution of Damages - Characters


Once the combat dice have been thrown, the player counts the damage caused to enemies.

1 X = Failed Attack. if you get an X while you attack ennemies in another player's area with a distance weapon, the other player takes 1 collateral damage. (There is no collateral damage with melee weapons)

= Causes 1 body damage. (You need 2 to cause 1 full damage to an enemy)

= Causes 1 head damage (cause a full damage).

1 or 2 to eliminate a Wanderer or a Raider

1 ​ is needed to eliminate a brute

2 are needed to eliminate a Monster

The player distributes damages to the enemies he attacks in the order of their appearance, starting with the first one on the left. If the first enemy is not eliminated by the damage caused by the character’s attack, the attack will not go through and no damage can be spread over to the following enemies.


The player has 4 enemies in his area: 1 Raiders, 2 Wanderers and 1 Monster

The player has a gun and 6 gun ammo.

After deciding to play all the ammunition cards available (to be as effective as possible) the player rolls 6 dice and gets: 1 X, 2 head damages and 3 damages to the body.

The player decides on the distribution of damage by respecting the order of enemies. All damage of an attack must be assigned even if they do not cause the elimination of their target.