Until Daylight

Tutorial Sheet - Rules TLDR version


Bad news everyone: the infected have invaded the world and have eaten a large part of humanity. Good News: you are one of the lucky one still alive!

With your little comrades, you hang out on the streets and search the rubble to find equipment to survive another day. You hope that a happy outcome or a miracle cure will prevent the earth from becoming a gigantic cemetery, but as days pass by, the situation seems to be more gloomy and intractable. And it's not the evening that's going to fix this!

That night, your team will have to survive 10 rounds of terror during which hordes of infected and ill-intentioned raiders will try to eat your marrow for one or strip you of all your belongings. Because you're good Samaritans, you'll need to save your skins but also save a survivor hidden in the horde waves.

Gather a team of 3 to 6 players and prepare to search, fight and survive together. If one of you dies, the game is over. The survival of your little band depends on a common strategy, sharing your resources and the assistance you will bring to your team members to stay alive.

To sum up: if you play solo, your enemies will eat your marrow.

When you're ready, place the different elements of the game at the center of the table.

Each player then chooses and puts in front of him a character and his basic weapon. each character is unique and possess its advantage and drawback that will influence the course of the game.

Start the app Until Daylight which will activate the first round.

Each round has 2 phases:

- The search phase and

- The combat phase

During the search phase a n ambient music (or hourglass) accompanies you.

One by one, players can perform one Action (draw a rubble card, craft a protection, heal or exchange findings)

Once performed, the player must say "Next" for the following player to start its action.

During this phase, be effective, don't waste time staring at your findings or talk with your friends. Your survival depends primarily on the amount of rubble cards you and your comrades will find!

When the music stops (or the hourglass is empty), the combat phase begins.

During the combat phase, hordes of enemies will fall upon the player interrupted by the end of the music Gong (or the emptied hourglass).

Then, one by one, players can perform 1 action (attack, craft a protection, heal or exchange etc.).

Study your enemies. Learn and differentiate them. Some are very tough and demand a subtle approach to be eliminated.

With your comrades, take time to refine your attack and defence strategies, this phase isn’t timed. At the end of the combat phase, if there are still enemies on the table, they will be joined by their friends in the next round, strengthening the hordes.

When you decide to shoot your enemies, make sure to aim properly. Missed shot may end up injuring your friends… or killing them. During the game, do not hesitate to craft protections and optimize your equipment by exchanging resources with other players to stay united and alive.

As the rounds and your exploits go, a group leader (the one with the most experience points) will appear. This leader will have more weight in common decisions and will see its character’s advantage doubled.

At dawn, when the sunlight starts to appear, do not relax your efforts because the time of final battle is approaching.

During this 10th and final round, it will be your last chance to get some rubble cards..

Then you will deliver a merciless fight against the enemies still present on the table.

Round after round, your adventure will come inevitably be a victorious battle... or bitter blood-soaked defeat.

Hoping not to see your decomposed body in the sun.