• Separate the character cards, characters’ objectives and basic weapons from the other cards.

• Mix the hordes cards and have them on the side (let some space next to the hordes pile for the discard pile).

• Mix the rubble cards and dispose them in two equal piles at the centre of the table (let some space next to the rubble cards piles for the discard pile).

• Place traps and barricades near the hordes cards.

• Place the secondary objective cards at the centre of the table. • Place the leader token next to the hordes cards.


Each player rolls the 6 combat dice. Whoever obtains the highest number of l wins (in case of equality, count the amount of body shots). Then the next player, in a clockwise manner, will play second and so forth.

The first player chooses a character, puts his damage wheel on NONE, puts his experience wheel on 0, takes his character’s objective cards, picks 2 random secondary objective cards in the secondary objectives pile (keeps one and discards the other) and takes his basic weapon.

Each character is unique and has:

• An Advantage

• A Drawback

• A different number of health points.

• The possibility to store 10 rubble cards. (except the Haggler)

• A Basic weapon.

(the name of the character is written on the card).

Then proceed to:

• Mix the remaining Basic weapons cards with the rubble cards.

• Open the Until daylight app on a smartphone, select the number of players and prepare to launch the first round. If you do not use the application, place the hourglass at the centre of the table. (You can use the round tracker card to help you follow the current round number)

• Start the first round with the app or by turning the sandtimer. The player who plays first is responsible of the sandtimer.