Until Daylight

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rubble cards can i put in my inventory?
you can have up to 10 rubble cards slots taken at any time (Expect for the Haggler character)
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does the group leader has responsibilities ?
The group leader rolls the combat dice for the enemies. At the beginning of the game, there is no group leader. If there is no group leader at the beginning of the first horde wave, it is the player who first chose his character who temporarily rolls the combat dice of the hordes.
Why experience points are important?
The player with the most experience points is the group leader. As the leader, a character’s advantage is doubled as long as he remains the leader.
Is the app mandatory?
To enjoy the best gaming experience, it is advisable to download the free Until Daylight app on your smartphone (www.untildaylight.com for more information). If you have stayed at Stone Age or if your phone is in repair, you can use the sand timer provided in the box, but keep in mind that it will not provide you the most optimal gaming experience.
How many barricades or traps?
At any time you can not have more than 2 protection tokens.
Can a trap kill a Monster?
1 trap does 1 head shot, therefore it is not enough to kill a Monster. However, if you have 2 traps in the same area it will absolutely destroy him!
Can I bring enemies in 1 area to mine?
Infected (not raiders or survivors) are sensitive to noise and the characters’ presence. A character using a firearm or attacking with a melee weapon in another player’s area will attract a number of infected in his own area. Once the attack(s) has been resolved, the player who attacked in another player’s area with a firearm or a melee weapon will attract the same number of eliminated infected to his own area (from left to right).
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Can I give multiple ammunition in one action?
When a player gives some rubble card ammo, he may give the amount of ammunition cards he wishes, as long as they are of the same nature and are in the same slot.
Does ammunition stacks?
Yes, you can store gun ammo in the same place and count them as 1 slot in your inventory. However, stockpiling gun ammo and arrows would occupy 2 slots.
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How is the Last round different?
Play the search phase ONCE. Then play the combat phase: alternate characters’ attacks and enemies’ attacks until defeat or victory. You win the game if your group eliminates all revealed enemies and saved at least 1 survivor. You lose if a player is eliminated or if the group has not saved at least one survivor.
In what order does enemies attack?
Raiders attack first. Infected attack second. 6 Attack dice max. per attack (ex: if there are 13 attack dice, perform two 6 attack dice and 1 attack die)
How many Enemies per wave?
Draw the Hordes cards corresponding to the Number of players + Round Number + Die of Fate effect. Place the cards in front of the player’s area on who the search phase ended.
What can i do during the Combat phase?
eliminate enemies
1 action only • Attack enemies: 6 Attack dice max. per attack • Craft a Trap or a Barricade • Give a Rubble card • Take a Rubble card from another player with his explicit consent • Use a card requiring an action • Use one or more cards that do not require any action (during his turn) • Do nothing
What can I do during the search phase?
• Draw a rubble card • Craft a Trap or a Barricade • Give a Rubble card to another player • Take a Rubble card from another player with his explicit consent • Use a Rubble card requiring an action
Goal of the game - How to win ?
survive 10 waves
Survive 10 waves of enemies. All characters must survived the 10 rounds. • All enemies revealed in the game are eliminated. • The group saved at least one survivor.
How many phases per round?
there is two phases per round. 1 search phase and 1 combat phase
How many rounds?
As much as you can handle. the goal is to survive 10 rounds, clear the enemies and save 1 survivor.
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