Action C: Refining


As soon as a player has built a Mill (see page 22) they may choose the Action “Refining” at any location to get Noble Goods.

The player pays the following goods and receives 1 Noble Good from the stack in return:

1 Fish + 1 Wheat = 1 Food

2 of the three goods Peat, Iron and Wood = 1 Tool

The player must always pay 2 different goods to get 1 Tool.

Noble Goods can be used in two different ways:

- to build buildings or to buy Upgrade markers (see “Building / Upgrading”)

- to be sold.

If a player decides to sell a Noble Good, they firstly use the Loading Action and put it on their Countinghouse card. When they sell the good they get the bonus shown on the back of the marker. They may look at the bonus on the back of the Noble Goods at any time. After selling, the Noble Good is returned under the respective stack. If the Noble Good is used for Building/Activating, the player does not get the bonus.

Important: Noble Goods count as normal goods when Loading and in the warehouse. Their markers are put back under the respective stack, after having been sold or used for building or upgrading

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