All players receive movement points and goods simultaneously.

Movement points are awarded according to the quality of each player´s cart. The points are noted on the movement scale of each player´s tableau and are available for this player throughout this round for travelling on the game board. It is not possible to transfer movement points from the previous round – thus at the end of each round the movement points are moved down to “0” on all tableaus.

Standard Cart = 3 Movement points

Small Cart = 5 Movement points (warehouse capacity rises to 7)

Large Cart = 7 Movement points (warehouse capacity rises to 9)

Goods: All players receive 1 good per Countinghouse they have on the game board, according to the good shown in that city (e. g. 1 Fish for a Countinghouse in Flensburg and 1 Wood for a Countinghouse in Neumünster). The goods are put into the warehouse on the player´s tableau. With a standard cart the maximum amount possible are 5 goods at a time – the warehouse capacity can be upgraded, however, by buying one or both Cart Upgrade markers to 7 or even 9 goods. If the capacity is not high enough for the goods coming in, the player has to give up goods from their warehouse or refrain from taking these goods respectively.

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