Action D: Selling


The player puts the goods they want to sell from one of their Coutinghouse cards back to the common stock. If the player has more than one good on their Countinghouse cards, they may sell more than one good (thus executing the Selling Action more than once).

The proceeds from the sale depend on:

- the currency rate of the country in which the goods are sold

- the distance between the city of the Countinghouse card and the current location and

- the number of goods.

It is calculated as follows:

(Currency rate + distance) x number of goods = coins (Kroner or Thalers)

Only goods from Countinghouse cards are to be sold. Goods in the warehouse are only suitable for Building, Upgrading (Spokewheel, Cart) or Loading!

To calculate the distance from the city, where these goods were loaded (= Countinghouse card) to the selling location the player has to determine the shortest route between these two cities. Each line between two cities counts as 1, independent of the number of movement points necessary to travel between them.

Waterways are not taken into consideration, only routes by land are regarded. If a city is blocked by an Event card, this city is omitted.

A player may also sell goods from different Countinghouse cards simultaneously. Each value is calculated separately.

Example 1 (Red) : Bernd´s oxcart is in Flensburg, he sells 1 good from his Åbenrå Countinghouse card.

The currency rate of the Krone is 2.

The distance from Åbenrå to Flensburg is 2.

Proceeds: (2+2) x 1= 4 Kroner

Example 2 (Blue) : Bernd´s oxcart is in Kiel, he sells 2 goods from his Ribe Countinghouse card.

The currency rate of the Thaler is 1.

The distance from Ribe to Kiel is 5 routes.

Proceeds: (1+5) x 2 = 12 Thalers

Important: If a player sells goods in a city with a Countinghouse of another player, the owner of that Countinghouse gets 1 Krone (or Thaler, depending on the country of that city) from the player selling the goods. If there are more than one Countinghouse in that city, each owner gets 1 Krone/Thaler.

Goods must never be sold in cities where they were bought. There always has to be a trip between buying and selling.

In Tönning, Rendsburg, København and Hamburg no goods can be sold!

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