The starting player chooses one of the six Actions and executes it as often as he likes.

Six Actions :

• A. Buying

• B. Loading

• C. Refining (only with )

• D. Selling

• E. Building

• F. Upgrading/Activating

Then it´s the next player´s turn in clockwise order. Travelling with their oxcart from city to city does not count as an Action and can be done as often as possible during the player´s turn before or after executing the Action, as long as the player has sufficient movement points available.

If a player does not want to or is not capable of executing another Action, then they pass and lay their oxcart down to signal just that.

Once a player has passed, the other players may continue to execute Actions in clockwise order as long as they like, until all players do not want to or are no longer capable of executing more Actions. Then the Action phase is over.

Players who have passed cannot enter that round again.

Tip: It is allowed to execute the same Action multiple times during a turn.