Action A: Buying


Players can only buy the good(s) shown in the middle space of the city at their oxcart´s position. The current price depends on the currency rate of the city´s country.

Players have to pay in Kroner in cities in Denmark, and in Thalers in all German cities.

The player gives the appropriate amount to the bank. They then receive the good(s) shown and put them in their warehouse.

It´s not possible to buy goods in Kolding, Rendsburg and Tönning. In Rendsburg and Tönning players can get a Bonus card by paying any 1 good and 1 Krone/Thaler, independent of the currency rates.

Only in these two cities can players pay with Kroner or Thalers, as these cities are positioned in the border region of the two countries.

In Kolding the price of a Bonus card depends on the current rate of the Krone, just as it does when buying goods in Denmark.

When buying a Bonus card players can choose between taking the top card of the Bonus card stack or one of the two open Bonus cards.

In Hamburg, Lübeck and København players can buy 2 (or 3) identical or different goods, as long as they pay for all of them.