Scoring cards


2 Countinghouses built: 10 coins

3 Countinghouses built: 15 coins

2 coins per step for the player ́s two Countinghouses furthest apart from each other: 2 coins (shortest route)

At least 3 different goods in the warehouse: 8 coins

5 different goods in the warehouse: 15 coins

1 Noble Good: 3 coins (only once)

2 Noble Goods (different): 10 coins (only once)

For Countinghouses in Elmshorn, Segeberg, Odense or Esbjerg: 6 coins each

1 Bonus card: 3 coins

2 Bonus cards: 8 coins

Large Cart and Spokewheel activated: 15 coins

All buildings built (3 Countinghouses, Ship and Mill): 15 coins

Per Loan marker not spent: 5 coins

The player(s) with the most Countinghouses built: 15 coins