Taking out a loan

The active player may take out a loan at any time, with a total of 3 loans per game and a maximum of 1 loan per round.

This is not counted as an Action.

The player puts one of their Loan markers from their tableau on one of the five goods spaces in the loan table on the game board and takes one piece of the good shown there from the common stock.

Paying back a loan

To pay back a loan the player has to have the respective goods (lower row of the loan table) in their warehouse or on their Countinghouse Cards at the end of the game. The player puts them back to the common stock. After doing so, the Loan marker is taken from the game board.


If a player cannot pay back a loan at the end of the game, 10 coins per open loan are deducted as a penalty from their final score.

Example: Bernd takes out a loan for 1 Fish and puts one of his Loan markers onto the purple loan field with the green ar-row on the game board. At the end of the game he has 1 Fish in his warehouse and 1 Fish on a Countinghouse card (which he hasnt sold yet). He returns these 2 Fish to the common stock and does not have to pay a penalty for this loan.