Travelling (no Action)


Players can travel from one city to another. The number on the paths connecting the two cities shows the amount of movement points necessary for this trip.

Example: Bernd wants to travel from Schleswig to Flensburg.

Cost: 2 movement points

Example: Bernd wants to travel from Segeberg to Rendsburg.

Cost: 5 movement points

Segeberg >> Neumünster = 2

Neumünster >> Plön = 2

Plön >> Rendsburg = 1

= 5 movement points

The Movement marker is moved to the left on the movement scale, by the points spent. If it is on the “1” and the player needs 2 points to travel on, they cannot travel. If the marker is on the “0”, the player cannot travel in this round anymore. At the end of the round all Movement markers are moved to the “0” on their scale.

Tip: By buying the small or the large Cart players
can increase the number of movement points
to 5 or even 7 per round.

It is also possible to use the waterways. These are explained in connection with the Ship.

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