Action B: Loading


If an oxcart is located in a city where they have a Countinghouse (see page 22 about how to build a Countinghouse), they may choose the Action “Loading”. The player takes any good (or a maximum of two if he has already activated the upgrade “Spokewheel”) from their warehouse and puts it on his Countinghouse card of this city on the tableau. The player may sell the good(s) from their Countinghouse cards with the Selling Action later on in a different city. Only 1 good is allowed on each Countinghouse card. If the player has activated the upgrade “Spokewheel” this capacity rises to 2 goods.

Example: Bernd has a Countinghouse in Lübeck. When his oxcart is also in Lübeck he takes 1 Wheat from his warehouse and puts it on his Lübeck Countinghouse card. If he had already activated the Spokewheel, he could have put 1 Wheat and 1 Fish on his Lübeck Countinghouse card as one Action. Later Bernd is in Flensburg, but doesn´t have a Countinghouse there (and therefore doesn´t have the Flensburg Countinghouse card). He cannot use the Loading Action there.