At the beginning of the round the Event marker is moved to the next Event card (except in the very first round, where it stays on the “Start” card) and this marks the event for the current round. The left side of an Event card always affects the current rate of one or both of the currencies and is modified right away with the currency marker(s). The currencies can only have the values of 1, 2 or 3.

The right side shows the event of this round.

Events with a green hourglass are executed directly at the beginning of the round.

Events with an orange hourglass are valid throughout the complete round.

Events with a red hourglass are executed at the end of the round.

Now the Event card of the next round is turned over. Thus the players know which event will be taking place in the next round, and they can plan ahead accordingly.

Goods from the warehouse and from the Countinghouse cards count towards the valuation of the Event cards.

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