Bonus cards


When a face-up Bonus card has been bought it is replaced by the top card from the Bonus card stack, which is placed face-up. Thus there always are 2 Bonus cards face-up and a card stack face-down.

The active player may play a Bonus card at any time. This does not count as an Action.

Players are only allowed to have a maximium of two Bonus cards in their hand at any time.

Bonus cards which have been played are taken out of the game.

Each Bonus card has two options for the player to choose from: the top half of the card and the bottom half of the card.

Top half: If the player sells one or more goods in the city mentioned (or owns 5 different goods, for the resp. card), they play the Bonus card and get the additional coins from the bank (Thalers or Kroner freely selectable).


Raid: The player attacks another player. The attacker may take goods from the warehouse or from a Countinghouse card of the other player. Both players ́ oxcarts have to be at the same city (“same city”) or the attacker has to be in a city with a Countinghouse of the player beeing attacked (“Countinghouse”).

... or ...

Bottom half: If a Bonus card is played the player gets the bonus of the bottom half.