The game ends after the 12th round. All players check whether they fulfill conditions of Scoring cards.

For fulfilling the condition(s) the player gets the amount of coins shown on the card. If loans have not been repaid by now, players have the chance to do so. For loans not repaid a penalty of 10 coins per open credit has to be paid.

Now all players count their money.


Bernd has 23 Thalers and 19 Kroner in cash at the end of the game. He has fulfilled one of the Scoring cards (= 15 coins), but he has not payed back one loan (penalty 10 coins).

This is Bernd ́s final score:

23 Thalers + 19 Kroner = 42 coins

1 Scoring card = 15 coins

1 open loan = - 10 coins

Total = 47 coins

The player with the highest total score wins the game. Ties are decided with the following


1. Highest number of buildings

2. Highest number of activated Upgrade markers

3. Highest number of Noble Goods on the tableau

4. Highest number of normal goods on the tableau

If there is no clear winner after this, multiple players have won the game.

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