The Grimm Forest

3. Clean Up


In this phase you will wrap up the round and prepare for the next one.

1. Pass the Starting Player marker to the next player clockwise.

2. Everyone retrieves their Pig from the Location boards (and everyone makes sure they have all of their own Gather cards in their hand).

3. Replenish all three Gather Location boards by placing one Mega Resource of the corresponding type from the Supply. (This adds to any leftover resources that may still be there from the previous round.)


In a 4-player game, place a Single resource token of each type (Straw, Wood, and Brick) onto the Market board.


Clean Up Example (1 of 3)

Remember, there were 3 Brick left behind in the Brickyard and 1 Straw in the Fields from this round...with the newly added Mega Resource tokens, there will be some bountiful options for Gathering next round!

First, pass the Starting Player marker.


Clean Up Example (2 of 3)

Next, retrieve Pig from the Location boards.


Clean Up Example (3 of 3)

Finally, replenish all Gather Locations.