The Grimm Forest

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Monsters removed from Locations?
End of Gather Phase
Any Monster miniatures on Locations are returned to the supply at the End of the Gather Phase.
If I play The Gingerbread Man, am I immune from the effect of Taxation?
The Gingerbread Man's effect (you are not at any location), removes you from the Gather Phase for the purpose of Fable Cards, so the Taxation effect does not happen.
When Grandma's House is played, can there be more than 1 Monster in that Location?
If Grandma's House is in play all played Monsters must be sent to that Location. If a Monster has already been assigned to a Location, it is moved to the Location of Grandma's House. There may be more than 1 Monster at that Location.
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When multiple Pigs are at a Location, what happens to the resources that are not picked up at that Location?
Any resources left over remain in that Location for the next Gather Phase.
The Wolf was played at the Brickyard. A player with Jack the Giant Slayer went there. Does the wolf destroy Jack's 2 resources?
The Wolf steals those extra resources that Jack brought to the Location.
A player used Night at the Tavern. One of the drawn Friend cards was Little Mermaid. How is this resolved?
The player would choose 1 of the cards in hand to put under the Little Mermaid. This is a slight disadvantage as they do not have all of the cards to choose from and the other players will know one of the locations that they chose to keep (the current Gather card when revealed). It is worded as such ("keep 2 Gather cards in hand") to make it functional in both 2-3 and 4 player games with the differing number of Gather cards.In this situation the Gather card currently in play is considered to be kept "in hand" and so they may only choose one of the other two.
What if a player does not have the resources to give to the Bridge Troll?
If a player does not have the resources that they Gathered where the Bridge Troll was played they do not have to give any resources to that player. The player must try to meet the Bridge Troll obligation but must only give resources if they have them.
Are "Gained" resources the same as "Gathered" resources?
Resources gained through cards that say Gain rather than Gather are not considered Gathered. They are not affected by the Bridge Troll or Share the Wealth.
When are Fable and Friend cards resolved?
Fables and Friends are always resolved in turn order. Fables and Friends also have a timing phase indicated on the card so they will happen at different stages of the Gather or Build Phase (End of Gather Phase, Before Collecting Resources, etc. ...).
How are resources gathered from the Market Location?
Resources from the Market Location are collected (drafted) one at a time in player order until all players have gained an equal amount.
Does Red Riding Hood cancel the effects of the Big Bad Wolf for all players?
Red Riding Hood cancels the effect of a Wolf or Big Bad Wolf completely so it does not affect any players.
If I discard the Wood Cutter to cancel the effects of one monster, does the monster ability resolve for other players before me?
The Woodcutter needs to be discarded before the Monster ability activates. So if you discard the Woodcutter it will protect all players from that effect. Monsters either trigger and affect all players, or are canceled by a Friend or Fable and have no effect.
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Are resources finite?
No, resources are infinite. If necessary, use substitute tokens for resources.
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Do players begin with a Fable card in hand?
Players do not begin the game with any Fable cards.
Does Cinderella activate before Roar?
Cinderella will gain resources before the Roar effect activates since her effect happens "After Gather cards are revealed" and Roar's effect happens "Before Collecting Resources."
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Does Cinderella activate before Prince Regal?
Prince Regal takes resources and leaves before Gather cards are selected. Cinderella does not gain the resources before him.