The Grimm Forest

Welcome to the Grimm Forest!


King Reginald the Greedy has plans to develop thousands of acres of land in the mysterious and dark Grimm Forest. His heart is filled with avarice as he thinks of all the gold that he can fill his treasure room with once the land is cleared and building begins. Unfortunately, the Royal Builders, also known as the 3 Little Pigs, have grown old and senile and the last building plans they presented him with were for a series of houses shaped like pumpkins.

After a falling out with the elderly and cantankerous Pig brothers, the King is on the hunt for someone competent enough to design basic housing units, using only the standard materials from ancient times. Nephews and nieces of the famous Pig brothers have started flocking to the Royal Palace, eager to prove their skills. The contest is simple: whoever can build 3 houses quicker than his or her opponents will gain the title of Royal Builder and their fortune will be made ...