The Grimm Forest

Fable Cards Overview


Fable Cards

Each player may have any number of Fable cards in their hand at a time, but may only play one per round along with their Gather card during the Gather phase. Once a Fable is revealed, it tells you when it activates and what it does. Fables usually provide a special ability once and are then discarded.


Next Turn

A Fable with this symbol has an effect that takes places during the following round. After playing, place the card on the bottom of the Gather Location Boards so it is visible by all players. It is important and polite to remind all players of the Next Turn effect at the start of the next round.


Unique Locations

A Fable with this symbol is played onto a Gather Location and stays in play until its discard condition is met. There can only be 1 Unique Location played onto each Gather Location. If the Unique Location's discard condition is met, it is discard at the very end of the Gather Phase after all of its other effects have been resolved.