In this phase you will perform actions to gain resources, draw Fable cards, and use your resources to build House sections. In turn order, each player takes one turn. On your turn you perform two actions. You may perform the same action twice, or two different actions. With each action you may choose one of these three options:


A) Draw a Fable card

Take the top card of the Fable deck and add it to your hand. There is no limit to the number of Fables you may have in your hand.


B) Gain 1 Resource

Collect 1 single resource of your choice from the Supply. There is no limit to the number of resources you may hold.


C) Build

Build one House section. To do so, pay the appropriate resources by returning them to the Supply, and add your new House section to your Player board. You must use the correct type of resource to build the section; for example, you must pay Straw to build a Straw section.


D) Special Actions

Some Friend cards permit Special Actions. Each card tells you how its Special Action works. A Special Action does count as one of your two Actions in your Build phase, and you may only perform each Special Action once per turn. It is possible and legal to use one Friend's Special Action and acquire a new Friend and use their Special Action on the same turn.

The Fairy Godmother card's Special Action allows you to draw 2 Fable cards...pretty powerful stuff!


Straw First Builder Bonus. Reward options are shown on the back side.