The Grimm Forest

Prince Regal (2 Player Game)


In the 2-player game, a neutral player named Prince Regal is added to the game. Each turn he will take half of the resources from one of the Locations for himself, in order to store up supplies so that one day he can move out of the Royal Palace and create a smaller Palace of his own.

During Setup, place the Prince Regal Resource Die next to the Gather Location Boards.

At the start of each Gather phase, roll the Resource Die. The Prince immediately collects half of the resources from that Location (rounding down); return the resources he collects to the Supply. Both players then choose their Gather and Fable cards, and play proceeds as normal.

If any Location has more than 10 resources on it, Prince Regal does not roll, and instead automatically takes from the Location with the most resources. If more than one Location has more than 10 resources and they have equal amounts, Prince Regal prefers Brick first, then Wood, then Straw.

Prince Regal is not considered to be "at" the Location he takes from; therefore, he does not affect Fable cards that specify if a player is alone or not, and he does not get caught by Monsters.


Prince Regal Example

At the start of the round, the Prince Regal die is rolled and it shows Brick. The Brickyard Location has 5 Brick on it. Since half of 5 rounded down is 2, Prince Regal's 2 Brick is returned to the Supply, leaving 3 behind.