At the end of the Build Phase, if at least one player has three complete houses, the game ends! (They do not have to be one of each type of house...they may be any combination of house types.)

If there is just one player with 3 complete houses, that player wins the game!


First to finish any three houses is the winner...but sturdier houses count for important tiebreakers!

If more than one player has any three complete houses, the winner is the Pig that built the sturdiest houses. Brick houses are the sturdiest, followed by Wood and then Straw.

The winner is the tied player who built more Brick houses. If that is tied, it is the tied player who built more Wood houses. If two or more Pigs are still tied, the final tiebreaker is the tied player owning the First Builder Bonus token for the sturdiest house type.


Tiebreaker Example

The Orange player has built 2 Brick houses and 1 Straw house. The Blue Player has built 1 Brick house and 2 Wood houses. Orange built more Brick houses, so Orange is the winner!