In this phase you will move to the Gather Locations; there you will gather resources to use in your house-building efforts.


Be sure to check for Friend and Fable abilities activating at each step; each card tells you when it takes effect.

1. Each player must select one Gather card (and may additionally select one Fable card if they wish) from their hand. Everyone sets their chosen card(s) face down on the table. (Fables on top.)

2. Reveal all played Fable cards. Resolve Fable cards that activate "When Revealed."


Whenever multiple Fable and/or Friend cards would activate at the same time, resolve them in turn order.


Also, if any Fable has the icon indicating that it is a Monster, when revealed the player who played it must find that Monster miniature in the supply and place it at any one Location of their choice.

Maximum 1 Monster per Location.

If more Monsters are played than there are miniatures to place on Locations, place the corresponding card onto that Location instead.

3. Reveal all Gather cards; each player places their Pig in the Gather Location indicated on their card. Then resolve any Fable effects that activate "Before Collecting Resources,"

4. If a Pig is alone in a Location, that player collects all the resources in the area. If more than one Pig is in a Location, the resources are divided equally among all of those players, rounding down. (Make change from the Supply as needed.) Any resources left over remain in that Location for the next Gather phase.

5. Resolve any remaining Fable effects that activate at the "End of Gather Phase."

6. Each player returns their Gather card to their hand. All resolved Fable cards are placed in a face-up Fable discard pile near the Fable deck. Some Fables indicate that they stay in play longer than normal; don't discard these ones until indicated. Any Monster miniatures on Locations are returned to the supply.