The Grimm Forest

Object of the Game


In The Grimm Forest, you are a niece or nephew of one of the legendary 3 Little Pigs, competing to build a set of three houses quickly out of Straw, Wood, or Brick. Players make secret plans to travel to certain areas of the Grimm Forest to gather limited resources that are available there. If more than one Pig goes to the same Location, you must share the resources found there, but if you end up alone, you get all the resources from that site.

Fable cards allow you to trick and deceive the other Pigs as you all scramble to gather enough resources to build your houses. At different points during the game, Friend cards reveal all sorts of strange allies that come out of the Grimm Forest in order to help you meet your goals.

The first player to build three houses (in any combination of Straw, Wood, and/or Brick) wins the game!