The Last Kingdom Board Game

Phase 3: Cleanup (Round I Only)


After Round I is complete, it is time to prepare for Round II:

1. Gain up to the amount of Starting Action Tokens listed on your Leader Mat, placing those behind your player screen.

2. Discard all Round Cards currently played in your play area to the discard pile, except for any Hero and Instant Cards that have a Permanent Effect—those continue providing you with their benefits in Round II.

3. Discard all unplayed Round I Cards in your hand to their respective discard piles, and gain 1 additional Action Token for each card discarded from your hand.

4. Return the 2 Leader Cards to your hand.

5. Remove all Peace Tokens from the board.

6. Give the Conflict Token to player who last had the Invasion Token, and give the Succession Token to the player left of that player. Place the Invasion Token back on its spot on the board. These players will place the Conflict and Successions Tokens at the start of the next Conflict Phase and the next clockwise player will take the first turn.

Players are now ready to start the Draft Phase for Round II using cards from the Round II deck.