The Last Kingdom Board Game

Action Plaque Effects


Each plaque has two different sides: one regular and one used only in a 2-player game. Note if the side you are using has the icon when setting up your game.

To See is to be Wise- Primary Action

You must change your Allegiance.


You must also lose 1 Action Token (you can still perform this action even if you do not have 1 token to lose).

I Shall Take What is Mine- Primary Action

Move any 2 armies into an adjacent Region. From that Region, move any 1 army to a different adjacent Region.


Also, the player selects 1 card at random from your opponent’s hand, looks at it, and returns it.

No Mercy- Primary Action

Select 2 adjacent Regions and remove 1 army from each Region. Then, gain 2 Victory Points to place behind your player screen.


Instead of gaining 2 Victory Points, gain 3.

“Destiny is All”- Passive Secondary Action

Look at the top 3 cards of the Round II deck and add one to your hand. Put the other 2 at the bottom of the deck without showing your opponents. This action does not end your turn.


Same as other side.

I am Dane- Primary Action

Add 2 Danes to any Region.

England is Born- Primary Action

Add 1 Mercian, 1 West Saxon, and 1 Northumbrian, each to seperate Regions.

Sides’ Effect:

Double Down

To Double Down, you must be aligned to the faction listed on the plaque (either Saxon or Dane). Take the extra Allegiance Marker from nearby and place it on top of your own marker. The other player cannot now Double Down (neither as Saxon or Dane), nor can you change Allegiance, for the remainder of the current Conflict. When the Conflict is resolved, if both you and your opponent share the same Allegiance and your faction wins, only you score Victory Points—the other player has lost the Conflict and they receive 2 Action Tokens. Neither you or your opponent receive the On-Your-Own Bonus, however. After the Conflict resolves, return the Allegiance Marker to its starting location nearby.

Make the Right Choice- Passive Secondary Action

Gain any 1 Affinity (West Saxon, Mercian, Northumbrian, or Dane) of your choice. This action does not end your turn.

Side’s Effect:


After gaining 1 Affinity of your choice, take the Locked Marker, flipping it to your current Allegiance’s side. You are no longer able to change Allegiance for the remainder of the current Conflict’s duration while holding this marker—you are locked with this Allegiance. If the other player uses the same plaque’s action, they then take the Locked Marker from you and set it to their Allegiance. After the Conflict is resolved, return the Locked Marker the its starting location nearby.