The Last Kingdom Board Game

Phase 2: An Overview of the Conflict


In this phase, players take turns performing actions or passing to resolve Conflicts in all five of the Regions.


The Region with the Conflict Token is where the war is happening. The Danes and Saxons fight for control there, and it’s the players’ actions that can tip the scales of power.

Each player has an Allegiance, noted by which side their Allegiance Marker and Ring are flipped to. This shows whether the player is aligned with the Danes or the Saxons.

The current Strength of both factions are totaled on the Conflict Region Track at the bottom of the board.

Once all players consecutively pass in taking turns, the current Conflict is then resolved and a Peace Token is placed onto the Region, flipped to the side noting if the Danes or the Saxon had won the Conflict. By the end of the Round, all 5 Peace Tokens will have been placed, one in each region.

Players aligned with the winning side (and remember, players can perform actions that change their Allegiance) gain Victory Points based on how much Affinity they have for the individual factions’ units in the Conflict Region. Players on the losing side instead gain Action Tokens that they can use to perform actions in the next Conflict.

After being resolved, the Conflict Token moves to the Region with the Succession Token, and the player with the Invasion Token chooses which Region to place the Succession Token. This is the next Region that will have the Conflict.

For a turn-by-turn Conflict example, see the Gameplay Example.