At the start of each Round, each player is dealt cards that they draft amongst themselves, choosing which cards to keep and which to pass.

1. Deal each player 5 Round Cards from the Round’s numbered deck. For Round I, deal from “Deck I” and for Round II, deal from “II.”

2. Each player looks at the 5 cards, selects one of the cards to keep, placing it face-down in their play area. When all players are ready, in Round I, pass the remaining 4 cards to the player on their left and accept the cards from the player on the right. In Round II, pass the cards to the right instead.

3. Repeat this “keep-one-card-and-pass-cards” step until players would be passing only 1 card. That final card is discarded to the discard pile facedown. Keep a separate discard pile for both Round I and II cards.

4. At this point, each player should now have 4 Round Cards that they drafted, in addition to their 2 Leader Cards which they started the game with. These 6 cards are combined to form each player’s hand.

5. If players have any Instant Cards (with a icon) in their hand after drafting, immediately play those cards face-up onto the table and resolve the actions listed on them.

INSTANT SECONDARY ACTIONS- Cards that are played immediately after a Round’s Draft Phase or as soon as they enter a player’s hand.


If Round Cards need to be drawn but the deck is empty, shuffle all the cards from its discard pile and reform the draw deck. Then continue drawing cards.