Each player has Allegiance, either Dane or Saxon, noted by which side their Allegiance Marker is flipped to. This token can only be flipped when a “Change Allegiance” action is performed from a card or Action Plaque. Whichever Allegiance a player has, all of their figurines also have that allegiance too. If ever it changes, flip all of their Allegiance Rings to match.


Each player has Affinity for the 4 different factions— they each are marked by one of the player’s 4 Affinity Markers on the Affinity Track. The Saxons have 3 different factions’ tracks, each with their own Affinity, and the Danes only have one. Throughout the game, players may gain Affinity for each separate faction, advancing their marker up the track.

Listed on Uhtred’s Leader Mat are his starting Affinity Levels for all 4 factions, which match his Affinity Tokens on the track:


After a Conflict is resolved, if you are aligned with the winning side you score Victory Points based on how many of your side’s units are in the Conflict Region. The amount of Victory Points is based on your Affinity Level with factions in the Region.

In this example, Uhtred has 2 , which means he gains 2 Victory Points per Dane unit. There are 3 Dane armies in the Conflict Region, so he gains 6 points.


On the Game Board is a map with 5 Regions. Each round, one Region is marked the Conflict Region by the Conflict Token. Another Region marked by the Succession Token will be the next Conflict Region. Over the course of the game, each Region will be in Conflict twice, once each Round.


Pieces in a Conflict Region offer a totaled Strength (), which is noted by markers on the Conflict Region Track (see below):

Armies in a Region are worth .

There are 3 types of Saxon armies:

Dane armies only represent the Danes.

Figurines (both Leaders and Heroes) in a Region by default contribute to whichever faction their player is aligned with. Note that some figurines may have different Strength values listed on their cards or mats. For example, Uhtred’s Permanent Effect changes his strength.

At any rate, adding or removing armies and figurines from the Conflict Region will require the Strength Markers on the track to be adjusted—move the faction’s marker left or right on the track. If Strength ever goes higher than 15, flip the token to its “15+” side and place it at the track’s beginning.


Gain 6 Victory Points each time a player’s Affinity Marker would move above the ‘10’ space on any track.

In this example, Uhtred gains a Dane Affintiy where he is already at 10. He instead gains 6 Victory Points.